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What are the top luxury trends in each state?

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

According to each state has its own preference on what is most important in a luxury home.

Did you know luxury homes in Indiana are by far the largest — averaging over 9,289 square feet? Or that saunas are the most popular luxury home feature in Arizona?

Kicking off the research, lists the top five million-dollar home features in the U.S.

This map shows us the top million-dollar home features after pools and bars across the nation — this includes no-brainers like hot tubs in Colorado, waterfront views in Florida and elevators in New York, next to some interesting surprises such as home theaters in Oklahoma and breakfast nooks in California.

The data gets more specific, drilling down to the states with the most unique features, like Utah’s obsession with basketball courts!

As for the states with the largest million dollar homes, we thought Texas would top the list — everything is bigger in Texas, right? Well, not in this case.

Although the Lone Star State leads with a penchant for gourmet kitchens, it didn’t even crack the top 10 for states with the largest million dollar homes, despite its reputation for countless McMansions.

Next to Indiana, West Virginia ranks second with 8,987 square feet, followed by Mississippi and Kansas — two states that are noted for luxury features such as breakfast nooks and farms respectively.

Did you notice the only two states that favor life on the green? Utah and Wyoming make a strong case for golfers, choosing golf courses over features such as rec rooms, theaters and farms.

Ready for another surprise? South Carolina loves elevators, and Alaskans desire luxury estates topping 7,300 square feet! Whether buying, selling or listing, this new data makes for a great conversation starter.


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