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The mortgage broker comeback

Independent mortgage brokers’ market share increased to 14.1% in the first quarter of 2019

Have you noticed? Independent mortgage brokers are back in a big way. In the first quarter of 2019, independent mortgage brokers have secured 14.1 percent market share — the strongest presence in a single quarter in over a decade, according to recent reports.

Why are more and more buyers choosing to partner with a local mortgage broker?


In this competitive housing market with fewer homes for sale, fluctuating rates and higher home prices, you may think sending your buyers to a big bank or online mega retail lender for their mortgage is the fastest and easiest option. But in reality, an independent mortgage broker is by far the best choice.

First, mortgage brokers don’t work typical banker’s hours. Mortgage brokers realize that purchasing a home is likely one of the most important decisions a person makes in their financial life and can’t always be done between the hours of nine to five. And online lending apps? Sure, the apps themselves are accessible at all hours, but there’s nothing convenient about being left on your own without an expert to guide you through every step along the way.

Plus, big banks can’t provide the options mortgage brokers can. They are limited to their own in-house mortgage products, which may not fit every buyer’s needs, inconsistent turn times and historically slow processes. Mortgage brokers inherently have access to more loan product options, better rates and faster turn times – all of which help get you and your buyers to the closing table sooner.


They are mortgage experts. Independent mortgage brokers specialize in one thing — mortgages. They are required to pass both a state and national exam to earn their license to originate loans in their respective state, as well as complete continuing education each year. Since mortgage brokers are licensed professionals with vast knowledge of the industry and current market trends and regulations, they have the ability offer your buyers the best loan possible for their circumstance, which leads to repeat business and referrals for you.

They are fast and accessible. Independent mortgage brokers are entrepreneurs who thrive beyond the 9-to-5 schedule and don’t look at you or your client as one transaction; they look to build a long-lasting relationship and go the extra mile to grow their business, too. You can be confident when you write a 30-day or less purchase agreement that an independent mortgage broker will close the loan on time — usually in 15 days or less — and that means you get paid faster.

They offer lower rates. When getting a mortgage, buyers are usually concerned with two things — their interest rate and monthly mortgage payment. Independent mortgage brokers have the ability to shop dozens of lenders and have access to hundreds of loan products and wholesale rates. This key advantage allows mortgage brokers to pass along those options and savings to every buyer, helping them to secure a low monthly payment.

For these reasons and more, the mortgage broker comeback is here and this is only the beginning. By partnering with a mortgage broker, you can give your buyers a faster, smoother loan process, lower rates and more buying power.


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